Saturday, February 26, 2011


After a bad bout with bronchitis, I finally quit, after more than 40 years of smoking. Since I was so ill, I slept more than anything else. When I would wake up, I'd reach for my cigarettes. By the time I had one lit, I was choking and coughing. Needless to say, I was unable to smoke. After a week and a half of smoking no more than a few puffs a day I had a brilliant idea...."This is a perfect time to quit!" Halloween night, 2011, I had my last cigarette.

Even with a good antiibiotic, I didn't get off the couch for many days and continued to do nothing more than sleep. I believed this is what kept the withdrawal symptoms away. Once I was up and around, I still didn't have much of a problem with withdrawal symptoms or cravings, and considered myself VERY lucky! I thought it was a miracle! Sure, I wanted a cigarette quite often, but I'd just ride out the short craving and move on. Seriously, with everything on my mind, in 30 seconds, I'd moved on. Now, four months later, they are few and far between.

You must be wondering what sucks so badly. I'm getting to that, honestly. I've always had a problem with my sinuses and didn't think much of it until my friend Deb told me that I'm detoxing. Since I quit, I've had multiple cold/sinus problems, ear infections, cough/choking spells, and sore throats often enough that I felt compelled to research it.

These, as well as many other issues such as lack of energy, sleep disorders, bad acne, headaches, excess mucus, cold sores, stomach issues, and more. The good thing is that these things are temporary and they are explainable. My body is detoxing and it's making me sick. I wish it would go make someone else sick, but it's all mine to enjoy. I'm going to give you a link to read in case you know someone who is experiencing the joys of quitting smoking. If you're about to quit, please save the link. You may need it later. http://caloriecount.about.com/sick-quitting-smoking-ft36859. Currently, the forum is three pages long and you will read many stories, as well as advice on how to counteract them, i.e. B-12, bananas, lots of water, exercise. (sorry, the hyperlink option here isn't working. Just copy and paste the link in your browser. Do additional resarch; there's all kinds of information out there.

This post was meant to educate, not discourage anyone. Quitting really is worth it. This too shall pass.