Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FOR THE LOVE OF ANNE is available for purchase

For the Love of Anne has been released!

Tika Newman has done it again!
Set in Chicago, in the late 1880's this wonderful historical novel is a perfect blend of fact and fiction.

Anne had finally overcome a difficult childhood and a brutal attack by an unknown assailant. She had taken care of her younger brother, just as she promised their dying mother. She worked hard, running a successful design business, and had it all...but did she really?

Where was the love?

Chicago had been infected with a psychopath of the worst kind, and he was frightening people to death...literally. Murder and mayhem had snuck into Chicago as the nation's first serial killer reared his ugly head.

ISBN: 978-0-9821507-4-0
To read the first four Chapters, copy and paste this link to your browser: http://www.thistlewoodpublishing.com/READ_SAMPLE_CHAPTERS.php

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Darn that dog! Last summer, Bob bought me a beautiful new poppy plant called Patty's Plum. It survived the winter and had two gorgeous flowers on it that were exactly the color of the inside of a plum. Joey decided to kill it. He dug it to smithereens. Good thing I was afraid to smack him. He would have been a very sorry dog.

Gibbs Perennial Gardens here I come!

Monday, June 14, 2010

ROAD TRIP 6-12-10

Today was a most joyous day - Bob actually got me out of the house and off my PC. For those of you that know me, you know that was no small feat. He made me an offer that I couldn't refuse - a trip to Gibb's Perennial Gardens. This nursery is located on East Street in LeRaysville, Pa. We go there every year to fill my perennial gardens at the lake and often spend a few hundred dollars each summer. Before we left, Bob looked up their website and found out that they were having a plant exchange today. What????? Today???? And I missed it????? I didn't have time to transplant any of my seedlings because we were about to leave. Grr. Grrrr. And Grrrrrr! The good news was that Gibbs, run by a super nice couple by the name of Sue and Bob Taber, had another nursery listed on their website. We had never heard of the new place. How nice of Gibbs to promote a competitor. There's nobody like country people :)

We drove to the new garden center first. Hearthstone Perennials, Herbs & Everlastings. The name is as long as the area of plants the offer. They’re located on Box 89, RR2, LeRaysville, Pa. Now get this– many of LeRaysville businesses are out in the middle of nowhere on dirt roads, including this one. However, the fact that it was in the woods amazed us. There was a cleared field in the rear, a clearing the to the left of the lot for their house, and so many beautiful plants in front of their house in gorgeous beds so you could see how lovely your plants can look when you take them home. You’re able to walk around the grounds and admire all their serene gardens and listen to the birdies sing. Then for the fun part. You can walk up and down row after row after row of a huge assortment of perennials in every color known to man. Their prices started at $3.95, which is more than reasonable. They even had a few flats of six-packs of vegetable and flower plants that hadn’t sold and they were giving them away for free. We took a six-pack of green peppers. I made my selections of perennials just before we were about to die from the heat, and then we went into the gift shop. I found an adorable cast iron dachshund dog for my friend Jindra’s birthday.

Unfortunately for the owner, she just happened to pop in as we were leaving and I quickly transformed into “sales mode”. I just happened to have the first three books of The Eyes of Innocence series in the van. She was so nice and agreed to sell them for me. We did our paperwork, Bob and I hopped in the van and we headed for Gibbs. (He thought he was going to get out of taking me there because he had just paid for new plants, and it was hotter than you know what out…. Wrong!)

We parked in Gibbs’ parking lot and looked at the gorgeous grounds they have in front of the shopping area. Their greenhouses are out in the back, but they sell everything in a large area that’s covered with some kind of black netting to help protect the plants from the sun. There’s a big fan going, so it also helped keep us cool. We looked in the big Koi pond, as we always do and then went to look at their plants. They claim to have over 450 kinds of perennials, and indeed they may. I was too hot to count. They also sell trees, shrubs, and berry bushes. Their gift shop wasn’t open today, it will be open next week and will be stocked with garden decor, candles, signs…..and hopefully copies of The Eyes of Innocence series! I’ll bet hitting them up on our next trip there. The heat was really getting to me, so we didn’t stay too long. I saw Sue Taber coming toward us to see if we needed any help. She’s always sooooo nice! I asked how her plant exchange went and told her how disappointed I was that we missed it. She said they had a great attendance and lots of plants were traded. Then…..she said, “Look over in front of that building. There’s a LOT of plants left. I said, “But I don’t have anything to trade in.” Sue said, “That’s ok, take what you want.” Are country people great, or what???? On the way out, we stopped where she had indicated and I chose some Stella D’oro daylily plants. Can you believe someone was trading them in? Wow. Lucky, lucky me!

We left Gibbs and Bob asked me if I minded if we stopped at Dotti Lou’s Meats, in Stevensville, Pa. Since the air in the van had cooled me off, I told him I didn’t mind. Now, Dotti Lou’s is located on a paved road  their address is Box 15, RD 1. This place is awesome. People drive for miles to come to this out-of-the-way meat market. Their smoked pork chops are my favorite. They sell such delectable delicacies as head cheese, ring of bologna, butt bacon, and other things of the like that I turn my nose up at. However, their pork chops, ham, chicken, ribs, etc. are worth the drive. They had samples of garlic flavored ring of bologna out today and I actually liked it! The texture was more like summer sausage. I made Bob buy some. They have all sorts of grilling sausages like jalapeno and cheddar, hot chicken wing, plain cheddar, broccoli and cheddar. So good. I found one of their recipes and posted it below. Thought you’d get a kick out of it. It sounds good to me!

Beer Drinkers' Stew
Serves 6 with beer and hard rolls

>From Alaska...It's peppy stew that requires plenty of cold beer!!

3 lbs. stew meat cut in 1" cubes
1 T cider vinegar
1 T lime juice (or lemon)
1 T chili powder
1 12 oz. can V8 juice
2 T salad oil
2 C thinly sliced onions
1 4 oz. can green chilies
2 cloves garlic, minced fine
1 T fresh ginger, minced
1/4 t ground turmeric
One and One-half teaspoon salt
1 15 oz. can tomatoes

Combine vinegar, lime juice, chili powder and V8 in bowl. Add meat and
marinate 20 mins. Stir occasionally.
Heat oil in pan or Dutch oven and sauté onions, chilies, and garlic over
low heat. When onions are clear, add ginger, turmeric and salt. Mix
well. Add tomatoes, breaking them with spoon. Next add meat and
marinade to pan and simmer one and one-half hours, stirring often. Add
more water if more liquid is necessary. When meat is tender, stew is

Our last stop was a place that one of Bob’s friends told him about, called the Red House Bakery & Deli. It’s located at Box 15B, RR1; in Stevensville, Pa. As soon as we got out of the car, we heard loud music coming from inside and wondered what that was all about. Peeking in the window, I saw some small round tables and chairs and a juke box. A young couple was pumping money into it. The owner Michael Dreisch was behind the counter, and we must have looked a bit confused, as we didn’t see a deli or a bakery. We did however see some awesome home baked loaves of bread. I asked where the bakery was and he said that was all he had left today. He didn’t sell too much of his baked goods, and was cutting down little by little, as he wasn’t making any money. Nobody can ever say that country people aren’t ingenious. One half of the store was now converted into a little bar! He even had a customer sitting there sipping on his beverage. They had quite a good selection of liquors to choose from, as well as beer. Mr. Dreisch tells us that he’s now making money. He seemed a happy sort and we had a nice visit.

Ain’t life grand?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Forever in Her Dreams
by Tika Newman
Thistlewood Publishing 2009
Website: http://www.thistlewoodpublishing.com
Buy Link: http://shop.thistlewoodpublishing.com/Forever-in-Her-Dreams-102.htm
ISBN 978-0-9821507-1-9
Forever in Her Dreams by Tika Newman picks right up where The Eyes of Innocence left off. Book one in the series ended with readers wondering where Toniya came from. Who would give a stranger a horse? How did the horse from Lina’s dreams appear in her yard? Readers quickly get reacquainted with the characters they enjoyed in the first book and soon get some answers. As the story continues, readers journey along with Kalina as she makes a place for her new horse in her life. She doesn’t know it at first, but the horse will lead her down a path to her past. She will gain information about her heritage and her unique abilities. Readers pick up on her special way with animals as they read of her gentle nature and various healings. She is not limited to helping animals. When needed she also uses her healing powers to help people. Although Lina’s power is not typical and the events surrounding the healings are out of the ordinary, the author’s vivid descriptions and interesting presentations make them believable. Many authors focus on the negative stereotypes when presenting a minor culture. Whether true or fictional this author presents traditions and healing power in a way that doesn’t degrade the Gypsy culture. While the characters are described as very poor and old fashioned, it is refreshing to see this people group portrayed as peaceful, helpful and out to do good.
Kalina is a special girl trying to live a typical teenage life. She longs to fill her life with animals, friends, school and family activities. At times the pull to help is too strong to resist. She and her family know what it’s like to uproot and move just when they are settling into a new community. They are often forced to relocate when the secret is in danger of being revealed. Lina tries to think and act like other teens, but her love for animals leads her to make some interesting decisions. She tries to be cautious when it comes to strangers but her strong desire to help others leads her to risk it all in times of greatest need.
Cory, the older and charming neighbor boy, Marnie, her best friend, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Jeff, a host of pets and many schoolmates return in book two. New characters also appear in this sequel. The most interesting are Kalina’s grandparents, Stela and Todor,. As Lina learns who they are and how they have helped her at various times in her life, she also learns more truth about Aunt Jessie and how she came to be with her adoptive family. She learns how Toniya came to her. The more she learns of her past, the more she wonders how it will fit with her present. Will Aunt Jessie and Uncle Jeff accept her heritage? Will they believe her grandparents are who they say they are? Will they stick by Kalina even when she goes against their advice? Will her best friend Marnie think she is crazy if she reveals her heritage? Will her neighbor Cory get scared away as he starts to piece together what she can do with her powers? So many questions and once again they will not all be answered by the time readers turn the last page of book two.
Pearl believes the author is developing as a writer as she works on this series. This book is just as innocent and wholesome as book one, but it contains deeper insight into the characters, clearer scene descriptions and more realistic dialogue. This novel is a great follow-up to The Eyes of Innocence. The day-to-day life of an animal loving teenager is woven among the threads of mystery and magic that surround the main character. Kalina will continue to intrigue readers with her secret powers. This book is unusual in nature, but easy to follow. It answers many of the questions left when The Eyes of Innocence ended. Reader’s still don’t know the whole story though. The saga will continue when the third book Window to Her Soul is released later this year.
–Pearl 4 shoes out of a possible 5


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Wow. I am a happy girl. Bob and I are in Charlotte, N.C. right now. Yesterday, Debra and I went out and made sales calls to bookstores in the Charlotte area. We did very well! Most of the stores either bought our books or took them in on consignment. I autographed a LOT of books!

I was invited to do a book signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. This was the most amazing bookstore we'd ever seen! It had loft reading rooms, the most beautiful book displays, and a full restaurant. Mere words cannot do this store justice. They are a large independent chain, and recently opened their tenth location. They invited me to do a book signing, when we are in town next :) http://www.joseph-beth.com

Another store that we just loved, was Park Road Books. Sally, the owner, was wonderful. Her store is set up in a very inviting manner with many book titles on display. They had a lovely children's section. She was so friendly and helpful, and made our transaction simple. I will be doing a book signing there too. Check out this store if you are in the Charlotte area. Say hello to Sally! http://www.books@parkroadbooks.com

Tomorrow we will be in the Bristow, Virginia area and will visit bookstores there. Wish me luck!

Take care and happy reading :)
Tika Newman

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Some people in today's publishing industry frown on POD publishing companies. Gail Westover, of Thistlewood Publishing, however, believes that this was exactly the way to go in today's tenuous marketplace. "I also believe in taking it slow and easy," Westover says, "Opening a startup press was risky with the economy as it is, but one I was anxious to take."
No stranger to the business world, this is Gail Westover's third successful business. Thirty years ago, when health spas were all the rage, she purchased a bankrupt health spa, and offered aerobic and exercise classes, wall-to-wall equipment, a sauna, and whirlpool. With careful money management, long hours, and dedication, she turned the business into a money maker. Four years later, she sold the business to stay home with her boys. "I loved being home with my children, but unfortunately, the money situation necessitated that I return to work. I got my Real Estate license and became addicted to helping people buy homes. After years of hard work, I became one of the top Realtors in our area. I obtained my Broker's license and opened Heritage Homes Realty. After twenty-two years, it was time to retire. I had other things I wanted to do with my life."
That didn't last long, as Gail is not one to sit idle. A few years later, she began to write under the pen name of Tika Newman. One word became a page, the pages turned into chapters. the story was intriguing and unfolded before her very eyes. "The Eyes of Innocence" series was born. After run-ins with two unsavory publishers who both wanted her entire series, she said, "No more!" Six months later, she opened Thistlewood Publishing, a POD and short-run publisher. The first eighteen months were devoted to promoting "The Eyes of Innocence" series. Recently, Robert Lange, author of "The Knowing Gene" has joined the ranks. Thistlewood will slowly take on other authors.
"My business model is this; work hard, treat everyone fairly, and don't over spend. I read every article I can, and keep on top of the marketplace. POD was the way to go for us. I have no book returns, warehouse/storage costs, or inventory to keep track of. I selected who I believed to be the best printing service out there. We use heavy cover stock and a quality cream paper, that is easier on the eyes. I am proud of our finished product. I have seen some books that were printed by other publishers on paper that was little better than newsprint. I could never charge readers for such poor quality.
When a reader orders one of our books, they have it in their hands within days. The exception to this is when books are shipped internationally. Of course they take longer to arrive. We offer quality books at a fair price. In addition to being available at http://www.thistlewoodpublishing.com/ (which is the only place to buy an author autographed book), all our books are available on amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Borders, and most other online bookstores. Our titles are also available on the Espresso Book Machine, which is called the ATM for books. You insert your money, push a button, and your book prints and binds in FOUR minutes!! Retailers and libraries may order our titles through Ingram or electronic catalogs."

Our newest releases

Thistlewood Publishing's newest releases The Knowing Gene, by Robert Lange and Window to Her Soul, by Tika Newman are both selling well. We couldn't be happier if we tried. Thank you to all our fans and readers.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Wow, this online presence stuff is tuff! I've spent the entire week posting my blogs everywhere, making comments in online writer sites, posting book covers, talking about my books, talking about Thistlewood Publishing, etc.

I hope they now know me all over the world, including Timbuktu. Right now I'm sick of me!
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Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello everyone :)

I have no news, imagine that. I wanted to touch base and let you all know that Window to Her Soul, the third book in The Eyes of Innocence series is selling well, and I'm very pleased. Bob and I are both recovering from a week-long winter virus. Neither of us could move for a week! Thank goodness I had chicken soup in the freezer. We practically lived on soup and ginger ale. Nasty! Poor Bob, it was his first week of retirement.

For the Love of Anne is coming along nicely. Since it's a historical novel set in the late 1880s, imagine my happiness when I discovered that there was a real live serial killer in Chicago at the same time! The creepy man lured out of towners (even innocent old ladies) away from the World's Columbian Exposition with the promise of a soft bed at a reasonable rate, and then he killed them. I think the facts mixed with my story telling, will make for a very interesting read.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


For the Love of Anne, will be Tika Newman's next release. This is a chance for you to have a cameo role in the book! For the Love of Anne is set in Chicago, Illinois, in the late 1880s. What we are looking for, is interesting stories of why an ancestor of yours immigrated to the United States any time between 1620 to the early 1900s.

Your ancestors did NOT have to have settled in Chicago. As long as they immigrated to the U.S. between 1620 and the early 1900s, that's all that is important. We will use whatever names you supply, and prefer them to be traditional names of the country your ancestors immigrated from.



1. We are looking for only a few paragraphs. If your entry is too long, it will not be considered.

2. If you use historical facts and/or dates, we must be able to verify. In other words, if you write about your grandparents immigration from Scotland, and you use facts and dates, it must be facts about what was happening in their former country when they immigrated. The stories can be embellished, as long as the time frame is accurate. For the Love of Anne is an historical novel, so this is important.

The easiest way to do this, is to look up your ancestor's country, and see what would have caused them to immigrate to the U.S. What forced them, or made them want to leave thier own country? We hope to have entrants that are factual, however, as long as your ancestors immigrated from another country, you may change the actual year they immigrated.

3. As the jobs that your ancestors found after relocating to the U.S. must fit the storyline, Thistlewood Publishing reserves the right to change their occupation. Thistlewood Publishing may contact you by e-mail, if any major changes need to be made.

4. Winners will not be required to sign a release form. Entrance in the contest will be considered permission for Tika Newman and Thistlewood Publishing to publish their story.

5. Winners will be notified by e-mail, and posted in this blog, announced in Thistlewood Publishing's website http://www.thistlewoodpublishing.com/ , My Space, and in Facebook!

6. To enter: Send an e-mail to thistlewoodpublishing@stny.rr.com. Please do not use attachments. Post your entry in the body of your mail.

7. Contest deadliine is April 15, 2010.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have sales!

I am happy to report that Window to Her Soul is doing very well. I've even had feedback from a few readers already! They are enjoying it. I am taking a break from the series, while working on my historical novel - For the Love of Anne. Next? A western! yep, a western. The theme will be a lady outlaw! Ought to be a fun book to write. Lots of adventures, lots of crime and lots of action!

Stay tuned :)

Happy reading :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well folks, it's been a long time coming, but the third book in The Eyes of Innocence series is now released and available! Please go to http://www.thistlewoodpublishing.com/ and order your signed copy today :)

Window to Her Soul is the third book in The Eyes of Innocene series, by Tika Newman. Kalina is growing up and life is becoming more troubling and complicated for her.

In this captivating novel, readers will love following Kalina's escapades as she matures and takes on challenges that frequently attract the attention of others.

Kalina is a znahar, a gypsy doctor. When she delivers a baby to a young mother, it is stillborn. Why isn't the baby breathing? Can Kalina's powers save this life?

Suspicious of Kalina's extraordinary powers, Dr. Fogler orders DNA testing to prove his theory about her. meanwhile, Kalina's friend, Cory, is closing in on her secrets, but hasn't been able to uncover the truth....yet.

Will you, the reader, find the Window to Her Soul? You have shared Kalina's joys, fears and the age of innocence in Tika Newman's novels.

Finally, we have an author who displays her heartfelt emotions by bringing Kalina alive to us all.