Saturday, June 25, 2011


Finally, summer is here, complete with all the rain that is making my flowers and vegetable plants grow like crazy! As always, I spend more time on my flower beds because they're so beautiful....and....I saw a 2 foot long snake in my veggie garden two days ago. Yes, I screamed, but don't tell anyone.

My passion this year has been container gardening. I have three of them on the dock and smaller ones scattered around on the rock walls of the flower beds. They look very pretty and are planted with a mixture of foliage and flowers both. Of course our large deck is full of them too. Love them all.

If you've been following my blog since last year, you've read about my casa blanca lilies. I planted only 6 bulbs and now have about 11 plants. They have multiplied. The original ones are about a foot or so taller than they were the first year. The fragrance is out of this world and since they are covered in buds, I'm countng the days.

A new summer recipeis to take fresh asparagus which you wash and cut the woody bottom stems off. Baste them or pour a little olive oil on them and throw them on the gril in a single layer. We sprinkle a seasoning mix on them and grill for about ten minutes. Delicious!

We're beginning to get corn from Delaware, I think Bob said. It was pretty good and we're anxiously awaiting our own local corn.

Happy summer :)