Thursday, April 28, 2011


Isabelle's Locket is doing well :) I set it up as a giveaway in goodreads.com and have many people interested in it all ready. Colleen Mitchell and I are busy editing her second novel, which we've yet to name. She's just a busy girl, so full of energy and that wonderful imagination of hers keeps me on my toes. She has ideas for so many new books.

Bob and I are heading south again for a few days. We plan on hitting up some new bookstores and try to drum up some new business. We're taking Joey and Tyler with us (the keeshonds). Prissy gets to stay home all alone. She hates that. She likes me to be rigt next to her, or she isn't happy.

We've had so much rain here that we're scared to death of flooding again. Two or three houses across the street, one next to us and others down the street are pumping. The next door neighbor has water in their back yard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We're good so far.

Spring is in the air and I'm itching to get back to the lake. This time of year I miss it so much. Always such a long winter.

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