Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you really want to read another boring Author blog?

I thought not!  People have asked me why I don't often write about Thistlewood Publishing, my publishing business or my books.  Answer?  Because, I work seven days a week.  This blog is not work for me, rather its a few minutes to escape work and write something fun and talk to my fans and friends.  Another very good reason is that I am not one to follow the pack and do what everybody else does.  That's not me.  So, if you want to read about an author that completed a new Chapter, or edited all day, or has writer's block, or spent two hours researching how to lose thirty unsightly pounds in three days, you probably ought to stop reading right here. 

If, however, you want to take your chances, keep coming back to this blog.  You are apt to read about almost anything.  I love to talk about my gardening, silly things that happened, and of course the new recipes I've created.  This blog is about daily events, not books.  I will share photos, some of my new recipes and lots of silly stories.  Normally, the only time I mention of of our books is when we release a new one.  So on the whole, you are pretty safe coming back here.

Now, to make a liar out of myself, I do have ONE teeny little piece of Thistlewood Publishing news.  My very first children's book, Mrs. Mouse's Garden Party in Giggleswick Village has broken every sales record since Thistlewood Publishing opened.  Teachers, a children's therapist, parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents have purchased this book.  I'm in Author Heaven! (not a real place.  I just made that up).  ((I know, not funny))

Alright, back to business.  Today's bit of Gail Westover (aka Tika Newman) news is geared toward every gardner that loves to compost.   Don't spend twenty or thirty dollars buying an indoor counter-top kitchen container for  the little bits and pieces you want to compost so you don't have to run outside ten times a day.  I am a BIG fan of green living and organic gardening.  This is my way of putting kitchen veggie and fruit trash to good use.  Get yourself one of these:
                                  It's FREE!!!  Did she say FREE?  Yessssssssss

Buy yourself a 2 pound container of coffee.  Make your coffee, drink it, and save the container with the lid ( I really prefer the brand with the handle, as it makes it super easy to pull it in and out of the cupboard under the sink).  I keep a plastic bag in it cover the scraps with the excess bag, then put the cover on.  Once it begins getting full, pull the bag over the scraps and then push down a little.  For Tika sakes, don't touch it with your hands!  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.   It will give you another day or two before you have to empty it.  Yep, green AND lazy.
There is NEVER an odor.  I use a fresh plastic bag every time I empty it, nd give it a quick rinse with the last of the dishwater before I drain it.  Boy, talk about going green.  A re-use for old,  nasty, cold, dishwater.  Yucko.

If you have never composted, be sure to add other things besides fruit and veggie scraps.  NEVER put meat, bones, OR seeds in your compost.  Meat rots and will smell.  Bones will hurt if you step on them while barefooted, not to mention that you'll have every dog in the neighborhood digging in your garden.  Seeds will sprout and make a mess of your flower or vegetable beds.

Make sure to add grass clippings, leaves, and an occasional  bit of newspaper, paper towel, napkin, etc.  A few things I don't like to add are corn cobs and egg  shells.  They take a long time to decompose.

I have a big black composter outside,  and close to my kitchen door, so I actually use the thing.  If you compost on the ground, turn it over every few  weeks  to make sure it's well aerated.  If you're having a dry summer, wet it with the garden hose once in a while.  It helps break down the scraps.  An occasional shovel-full of  dirt is also beneficial.

ok, that's all I know about composting.  There's a lot more info online.  Search for "How to compost"

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