Saturday, June 27, 2009


OK, here it is; and no laughing. This is my new perennial bed. It's been a vision for only a few days. I ordered three bareroot subzero hibiscus and they are mere twigs; but they're in there! In the middle I planted three giant bulbs called Casablanca lilies. I saw them on a TV show and had to have them! They are currently growing about half an inch a day. Incredible.

In between I stuck groupings of my own seedinglings of purple lupines and the beautiful annual poppy that looks like a red carnation. I'll never forget when I bought my first one for $5.00. I told the lady that this price must be an error. That much money for one annual? She assured me that even though it was an annual, if you shake the seeds on the ground, they will multiply and come up every year. She was correct! I have them all over the place and have shared with many people. They tend to come up in a clump, so before they get too large, I dig them up and separate them. They barely notice it. They like full sun. I'll post pictures of this beautiful flower when they're in bloom.

That wonderful man I'm married to surprised me with the two Stela D'oro lillies that are in bloom now. I had a clump of these at my home in NY for many years until they accidentally got rototilled :( They do very well in northern gardens :)

Stay tuned for more pics as this garden slowly bursts into color! Can't wait!
(Please ignore the swimming noodles in the background. Tacky Tacky Tika!!)

Bye for now.
Tika :)

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Florentina said...

it look nice your new garden :))