Sunday, July 3, 2011


Thistlewood Publishing is proud to welcome Rose Daly as our newest author. Rose brings us MOONFIRE, the first book in a series.

In the 18th century, when sailors saw the moon shrouded in a red glow they knew that great changes were on the horizon.

From Fordell, a small Caribbean island, Daniel and Emma also see the fiery moon as they run for their lives through treacherous jungle territory laced with fearsome claw traps.
Great changes, and great dangers, lie in wait for them, for they have made an enemy of the most powerful and ruthless man on Fordell, Clayton BlackAdder.
Unaided and unprepared, they must face the daunting prospect of life on the run on this isolated island, for to be recognized and captured will mean certain death for Daniel and a forced marriage to Clayton BlackAdder for Emma.

Zed also sees the fiery moon, and he knows without a doubt that his life will change; for he is a runaway slave fleeing through the jungle, and the woman he carries in his arms he has stolen from Clayton BlackAdder. Zed's future is fraught with danger and the fearsome prospect of torture and death if he is captured. Added to this, he faces a terrifying struggle with treacherous pirates that will change his life forever. Somehow, Zed must find a way to save the woman he loves from BlackAdder's clutches, but Zed is not alone in his quest.

Friendship between white man and black man seems unlikely in this brutal, slave-oriented island. Daniel and Zed do not recognize the boundaries of race or class, they only recognize a kindred spirit, and a common need to protect those they love, and this they will do ... no matter what the cost may be.

Watch for this thrilling book this summer!!

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