Sunday, July 3, 2011


Thistlewood Publishing is proud to welcome Kate O'Neill to the family. Kate has written a very explicit book about frontier life in the mid-west in the early 1800's when settlers worked from sunrise to sunset. Readers will learn what life was like when native Americans still roamed freely, before white man's treaties forced them off their lands, before the railroad, newspapers, electricity, indoor plumbing, automobiles and every other convenience we take for granted today.

Meet Corabell, a beautiful, passionate woman who had a white father, a fur trader by profession, and an Indian mother. When her tribe left the area, Corabell stayed behind and went to the giant blonde German man who waved to her across the river. She hoped he would take her as his wife. In love with her from afar, he quickly agreed to marry her. As a new bride, passions awakened under her husband's touch. Later, circumstances out of her control caused her to be forced to marry her husband's brother.

Watch for it in the fall of 2011